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Free Will & Determinism

Is the course of your life determined by your free will or by factors beyond your control? The text on his T-shirt reads: Why are we here? and Danny explains why that question is our starting point for our quest this morning.

We began by watching a Sand Marble Rally!

Danny explains how these 'racing' marbles got him thinking about the concepts of determinism and free will.

This video explains the terms Free-Will and Determinism.

What is the case for determinism and is there any truth in it that might help us live life more fully?

This song explores how there is a story behind every action and how behind everything that we see is something we can't.

Danny explores how Determinism can be found in many Christian perspectives.

Perhaps both Free Will and Determinism can be useful to each of us in different ways and this video proposes that we take inspiration from both.

Danny wraps up the morning with his concluding thoughts of how the answer to the question "Why are we here?" might be ... "Just because" and "Just be cause."

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