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Finding a Mature Script

This morning, Clare explored how we may wish to re-evaluate the ‘script’ in our lives to adopt a mature adult approach. She used examples from a range of sources and introduced us to psychoanalytic theory known as transactional analysis. What might be the shape of the voices in our lives? How might we merge our past ‘data’ (both emotional and factual) to a here and now reality that is mature and lends itself to living whole and Christ-conscious.

In the film Avatar, Jake Sully is a military man who must find a new role to play, in a new avatar body, on the planet of Pandora. In this first clip, he realises he has a lot to learn about the new place he is in and his approach to it.

We know that it is good to nurture children from infancy to maturity. Equally, it may be good to nurture some of our current thinking from infancy to maturity too. The bible verse reads: ‘Come, let us reason together’.  How does this apply to our minds, emotions, relationships and, not least, to how we relate to God?

“It will be a persistent challenge throughout life to ensure you do not become a willing participant in your own enslavement.” Anth Chapman

In this next clip, Jake begins to mature and find the script needed for this new adventure.

"When we need to recover, we need to lean on each other."

In Part 2, Clare details the parent, child and adult roles in transactional analysis and applies this to some examples to help us grasp it.

“I see YOU. Christ-consciousness comes to us with all our broken pieces, our inner egos, our script, narratives and patterns and says I SEE YOU – and invites us to see it together.”

Come Q and let us reason together. Look inside at the Christ in you who replies tenderly…

"I See YOU."

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