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Crossroad to Consciousness - Highlights from Sunday 9th May 2021

Have you ever felt like you were stood at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to take?

This week at Q we considered how in the crossroad to consciousness, all options must be considered.

Over the past few weeks we've been exploring faith and belief, what they are and how they differ. Unfortunately, much of the spirituality expressed in Christianity has been limited to a system of beliefs that limit rather than encourage dynamic faith. As Anth explains...

"(Religion) presumes that by a set of confirmed beliefs we can coral the divine essence into the finite realms of our human understanding and thereby exert control over a kingdom that he said was his!"

We used the brilliant movie "The Life of Pi" to highlight how one belief system does not have a monopoly on truth. Pi is criticised for exploring all kinds of expressions of faith, but finds that faith is a house with many rooms, with room for everything, including doubt!

Have you ever considered how would your worldview and beliefs be different if you had been born in a different country, a different culture, brought up in a different religion, with different values? The Life of Pi challenges us to ask this question and Anth explores the thoughts that arise from this...

We're on a journey to consciousness and part of why our consciousness is often shut down and asleep is because we've become Jesus-ians, rather than Christ-ians, simply conforming to a belief system rather than having a living faith in "The Christ". When our consciousness shuts down, we spiritually die and lose hope, losing sight of the infinite potentiality that exists in each moment for us.

"We have become drug-level dependent on written words as the measure of all things, rather than The Living Word."

Christianity has focussed for years on inviting people to believe IN the gospel message, when our invitation is to discover the faith OF the gospel. Jesus was the codebreaker to the mystery of the Christ. He was the doorway to life. The problem is we've worshipped the door rather than coming in, going out and engaging with the faith that flows from the discovery of the life that is in all things!

Let's continue our quest for truth and freedom together and like Pi say...

"Thank you for giving me my life, I'm ready now!"

Let this day be our One Day!

Anth quoted from a great article on the difference between Belief and Faith and it's well worth checking out: Click here to read!

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