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Anxiety & Learned Helplessness

We can feel at the mercy of so many things: We can be in situations where we feel helpless to know how to act or change the facts that we see. There are also the voices we hear, internal and external, telling us how things should be, and how we should be. These can create challenging conditions. Can we face ‘what is’ and take a step forward into new thinking? 

Jenny introduces the Stockdale Paradox with a story of how different prisoners of war dealt with their indefinite imprisonment at the height of the Vietnam war and explains how this might help sustain us in the situations we're facing.

In this snippet from the Best Friend Therapy podcast, the hosts share how their aspirations to recreate the unrealistic morning routines of social-media influencers can exasperate the anxiety that they were trying to get rid of!

Clare explores how our desire to escape anxiety can be counterproductive. Could anxiety have a necessary role to play in our lives?

"Anxiety is the price of freedom."
"Can you accept what is at this time?"

The following video introduces a fascinating experiment involving groups of dogs and how their responses might shine a light on a human condition that is a common obstacle to living fully.

Joel invites us to consider how we might have been hindered by Learned Helplessness, shares his own experience of it and gives us some keys to escape it.

"If you can learn you are helpless, you can also learn you are not helpless."
"God, grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

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