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People who don’t feel love will feel loved

People who don’t feel like they belong will experience belonging

People in pain will feel comfort and healing

People who are alone will find friendship

People without money, food or clothing will be provided for

People with addictions will break free

People with broken relationships will have wisdom to make discerning decisions

People with mental instability will find peace of mind

People in mourning will find renewed joy

People without purpose will find a host of reasons to live life to the full

People who have been in bondage to a scary god (of whatever size and shape)

will wake up to a new understanding and experience release from fears, doubts and oppression

People without confidence or courage will find both

People who make poor decisions will learn how to make better ones

People afraid of their own shadow will find that their light still shines on

People unforgiven will be forgiven

People unforgiving will let go

People who are all consumed with people pleasing will find their voice and story 

People who hate their own skin will look in the mirror without shame or humiliation

People abused will be vindicated

People silenced will no longer be intimidated

People without aspirations for themselves or others will acquire meaningful goals

and the determination to achieve them

Creators will create

Dreamers will dream

Innovators will innovate

Followers will follow joyfully, excited about the journey

Great food will enable great conversation

Laughter will be a medicine

Events will bring moments of revelation and changes of direction

Travels will spread the message that faith, hope and love remains internationally

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