For those who dare to stand out from the crowd, dare to believe and dare to make the journey!


In weakness, we see strength. In rejection, we see acceptance. In self-doubt, we see belonging. In misfortune, we see possibilities. And in the mundane, we see opportunities for expression.

At Urban Revolution there’s no such thing as the status quo. We are a community of 11-17 year olds embracing life, loving the ride, asking lots of questions... and not always having the answers.

You’ll find us at the skate park, the football pitch, the local estates, offering support to ex-offenders, running youth groups, or screening for STIs. With an eye on the past, we’re thankful for the now and hopeful for the future.


This revolution began over 2000 years ago and continues ....... now!

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These drop-in sessions are a great example of initiatives that can make such a difference to local communities. They are engaging with children and young people in a positive way, giving them new opportunities and experiences while tackling anti-social behaviour that can happen during the long summer break.

Police and Crime Commissioners Fund

York, UK

Sexual Health Services in York, K

Sexual Health

We offer free Chlamydia Screening & Condom Distribution.

This is through a link with the North Yorkshire County Council condom distribution scheme and Yorscreen NHS service in York.

Prison Support in York, UK

Prison Work

We have been able to offer valuable support to a number of young people throughout their sentence and continue that support upon their release. The support we offer is through one to one mentoring, sign posting for education and employment needs, benefits advice and housing. 

Youth Mentoring and Councilling in York, UK


Life can seem very noisy sometimes and to be given the chance to take some time to be calm, to talk and to formulate everything that is buzzing round your head, can be an invaluable experience for some young people. Our mentoring sessions can take place in schools, cafes, parks, fast food restaurants, on driving ranges and in houses, in fact they could happen pretty much anywhere. We accept that every young person is an individual and needs different things, and where possible we do our best to facilitate this.



Beth Cookson, Urban Revolution, Q Church, York, UK

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