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There's No Place Like Home?

Last week at Q we heard about the terms dissonance and resolution from the musical world and how we often find resolution in what feels like home for us.

In this clip from The Big Bang Theory, Amy tries to help Sheldon overcome his struggle with things that are unresolved.

Do you resonate with Sheldon? Jenny shares how she too loves to find resolution in things that feel like home.

The famous phrase from The Wizard of Oz sums up what many of us feel about the familiar solutions we have for the unresolved dissonances in our lives: "There's no place like home!"

A distinctive feature of The Wizard of Oz is how the world of Oz, in which Dorothy experiences challenges, adventures and mystery is a world of colour, whilst the familiar, comfortable home she returns to in Kansas is shown in black and white. This song explains how we too can live in a world of colour if we leave behind the world of black and white.

The film The 100ft Journey tells the story of a French restauranteure whose world is disrupted by the arrival of new neighbours.

We too can feel like Madame Mallory, when our lives are disturbed. How do we deal with this dissonance when it comes our way? Jenny explains how we can find a way through these difficult times.

When dissonance descends on us it's easy to say to ourselves "I don't think I can do it!"

In this clip from Rev, a priest called Adam is at the end of his rope, until he finds hope in an unexpected character.

Our vision at Q is to be an icebreaking community, blazing a trail for others to follow through and helping those who are stuck in out-dated patterns of thinking. This video is a stark reminder that icebreaking ships serve an essential purpose in freeing those who might be stuck, and breaking the ice that might trap others.

Jenny honestly shares that whilst life on an icebreaker isn't easy, we're committed to building a home that helps other break through the ice. The ice that might need breaking for us this week is to resist the temptation to avoid the discomfort of dissonance with our comfortable, familiar quick-fixes and instead start building a better home that allows us to become more free, more healed and more alive than ever.

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