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Have you ever thought about where SHAME comes from?

I believe shame comes from a defective relationship with truth. The good news today is that if you can fix your relationship with truth, then shame will lose its power!

In this message Anth references the message that Chris brought on the previous weekend, entitled The Naked Truth. If you've not heard that yet, then we suggest watching that first!

We've learnt a lot from Rob Bell over the years and he said something about the Bible that resonates with us here at Q, when he encouraged people to read the bible literately instead of literally.

So when we look at the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis, we can bear that in mind and see a message woven into the text that speaks volumes to us about shame, nakedness and our relationship with truth.

As Anth unpacks the story and the wisdom that can be found within it, be ready to step into a new world, with a new relationship to the naked truth, unafraid and shameless!

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