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Recap & Discussion

This morning we recap and discuss questions raised from 4 recent Sunday mornings at Q.

We begin with a video that's been described as "the worst scene in cinema history!"

Shoulds & Self-Sacrifice

Danny explains that this scene is so unpopular because Finn's imminent self-sacrifice is halted by Rose's love for him. Self-sacrifice is commonly held up as an admirable and heroic virtue in contemporary society but Danny & Joel recently brought the message "To Should or Not to Should" in which they explored why our shoulds and self-sacrificing can have tyrannical undertones.

Around our tables we shared our stories of self-sacrifice, discussing how we've made choices out of obligation to our shoulds. Do you have a story like that, where you've felt pressured to make a decision or to give something up? Why not share it in the comments below?

When Values Collide

Jenny and Clare recently brought a message about the core values we aspire to, the default values we often revert to and how these values collide.

To help us focus on what our individual values might be, we picked values from a table covered in them!

Looking at the picture below, which values resonate most with you?

Curiouser & Curiouser

Last week, Rob gave us some guidance for how to continue our quest for curiosity.

Rob suggested that a Simplifying Strategy may help us avoid becoming overwhelmed by the vast sources of knowledge available to us nowadays.

Around our tables we discussed what our simplifying strategies might be. Amongst many others, some suggestions were Journalling, writing a diary, or as Rob shared, limiting our explorations to subjects directly relevant to our current experiences.

What's your simplifying strategy? Leave a comment below to let us know.

We finished by hearing this Jason Mraz song that's all about living in the moment.

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