Meeting together again!

Dear Q Church family,

It seems like an age since we last met together, that is about to change.

I can announce with some joy that we plan to meet together on EASTER SUNDAY, 4TH APRIL at 10AM.

Get it in your diary and begin the countdown to what we believe will be a great day.

In our endeavour to be at our most effective to all those we believe we are called to reach, we are taking the opportunity presented by such a long layoff to consider all options to move forward effectively.

Much has changed for all of us over the past year. Times like this create both disappointments and opportunities. I would like to feel we can explore the opportunities and not dwell on the disappointments.

It is in view of this, and after many conversations, that we are moving the time of our get together on 4TH APRIL to SUNDAY MORNING at 10AM.

It has been proposed that Sunday morning may be the best time to reach those most in need of the message we bring and all that it offers.

So, it is currently our plan to continue meeting weekly after this date in this time slot, at least for the immediate future.

We would highly value and welcome your feedback.

We have missed you and look forward to seeing you.

We will update you on the requirements in place in regard to current legislation and how we plan to function as we approach the date.


See you soon!