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There is a growing conversation at this time about racism, history and how we move forward as a human race following the death of George Floyd, international protests and Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

In DESTINED TO FAIL Anth addresses issues like virtue signalling, the dangers of binary thinking, ego and dualism, drawing on the wisdom of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Junior and the life of Jesus.

As we seek to bring progress to our world Anth highlights common thought processes that we are destined to fail if we hold onto.

Too much of Christianity’s doctrinal interpretation is based on ego rather than soul.
Make sure your heart goes with the soul, not the ego, and the spirit not just the senses.

These great leaders understood the importance of standing against the evils in the world, whilst also understanding the complexities of it.

As Martin Luther King said:

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

It's important when addressing any issue that we can grow in understanding of the whole picture, not just re-enforce our own perspectives and as we look back at history it's easy to think that we wouldn't make the mistakes that our ancestors made, but as Anth states:

We cannot interpret the events of the past through the lens of the present.

As strong feelings are riding high, Anth brings us some grounding wisdom to help us process what's going on and how we might respond:

"Be idealistic by all means but don’t be dualistic in your idealism.
Life and people are much more complex than that."

Life is complex and there is plenty of room for improvement so as we respond to the events of our time and stand against all racism and work for progress in our society watch and listen as Anth brings some valuable wisdom to help us on our quest for a new world.

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