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Dams, Ducks n' Dominoes - Highlights from Sunday 20th June 2021

We've had weeks of fantastic content since Easter so this morning we had 6 people sharing what's inspired them at Our House over the past 11 weeks!

There's a river of life that many of us can't access because it's held back behind a dam of religion, unresolved issues and concrete beliefs. Chris shared how each week, here at Q, we're throwing rocks at the dams in our lives so that we can live in the flow of this river of life.

"Faith is a house with many rooms!" and Danny shared how our commitment to freedom and celebration of diversity requires a faith that sees beyond the data in front of us to get a faith-filled vision of infinite potentiality!

The next song contains the line:

"I can see a million colours, look at one another and see the beauty and understand the fight."

Rather than fighting each other, our fight is to live a life of faith, seeing the infinite potential that lies beyond our limiting beliefs.

Joel reflected on how we've been toppling our dominoes of established beliefs and comfortable establishments but gave a timely reminder that whilst it's tempting to put new dominoes in their place, we must beware of replacing our old dominoes with new ones.

"Welcome to Q where we are all a bit dizzy! We have chosen to embrace a Christ-consciousness that topples over the dominoes. Let's celebrate that to the highest degree."

"You were born to be free and you were born to dance, so wherever you may be, allow the dominoes to topple and truly be free, because you were born for it."

Beth tells a hilarious story about feeding ducks, highlighting how we often fail to question things that end up causing a mess in our lives. Whether it's Christian doctrines or long held personal beliefs, our unwillingness to "topple our dominoes" might be having consequences beyond our own comfort.

In Frozen 2, Anna, the queen of Arendelle, had to be willing to break down the dam that had been built on lies and treachery, unleashing the flow that had been held back for years.

"We don't get abandoned by God, we get abandoned by our own beliefs."

Jen reflected on the brilliant ministry that Anth brought recently, about how we'd rather stay in sanitised swimming pools of comfortable beliefs than go with the flow in the messy river of faith, and how it's helped her accept the messiness of life.

"The reason why I know, possibly for the first time in my life that I'm in faith, not belief is because I know so very little and don't care! I'm just glad to be in the story and don't need to cling on to anything."

The Smallfoot movie has given us some brilliant metaphors for our journey of faith and this clip highlights how when we begin to question our long held beliefs, we can struggle to know who we are and are tempted to just push the questions down, but freedom only comes when we're willing to face the big questions. The big question in the movie clips was

"But if I'm not the gong ringer, who am I?"

Inspired by this clip, Dave shared how he was a gong ringer too but has learnt to question the stones of his long-held beliefs and embraced the journey we're on at Q.

"We are not going to stop throwing rocks at the dam and we're not going to rebuild the dam! Whatever you're facing, if it stops the river getting to you, we will try and knock it down!"

You can experience all the content that has inspired these talks on the BLOG or MEDIA PAGE!


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