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Curiosity Continued...

Following Kev's talk last Sunday, titled Still Curious?, this morning at Q a handful of us share our personal experiences of curiosity.

The National Geographic video provides a perfect metaphor for the quest for curiosity and freedom that many of us have experienced.

Jenny shares how curiosity has helped her when life hasn't gone according to her plans.

"God is best defined not as a thing, but as how we experience life, love and the ground of our being."

Danny was a curious child and shares how curiosity has become more complicated as he's got older.

In this clip from Ted Lasso, Ted shares a lesson in curiosity.

Beth tells a story about how avoiding a necessary question caused more problems than it solved.

In this opening scene of the movie, The Giver, we see a strict society, portrayed in black and white, that has sought to eradicate inequality, differences and free-thinking.

Reflecting on the film above and other similar stories, Joel invites us to consider whether we are still continuing a colourful quest for curiosity or whether we've settled for a grey world of conformity, leaving us with a powerful question: Should we apologise for the path that curiosity has taken us down?

This is a recording of the song Million Colours that Danny closes with.

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