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All I want for Christmas is… Beyoncé, New Traditions and a Nativity Scrap!

In our final QChurch get-together of 2023 we explore the significance of the Christmas season with a little help from the ghost of Yoda and the mind of Beyoncé, a modern day monk and a monster, the Christmas Truce and a squabbling nativity.

We begin with Star Wars...

Joel has been inspired by the phrase "The word become flesh, not the word became text." He explains how, just like Luke Skywalker, we need to learn to embrace the spirit of life, not just the words of a book.

This year's John Lewis Christmas Advert invites us to let our traditions grow...

With a parable about a pot-roast, Jenny shares how our traditions need to grow too.

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Friar, explains how the Christmas story evolved over time, revealing a powerful message that often gets lost.

Beth tell the story of a Nativity play that did not go to plan, and the lesson she learnt from it about the value of the journey.

On Christmas Day 1914, enemies become friends in the No-Man's Land of the battlefields of World War One.

Clare shares why this clip is so poignant for her.

Danny wraps up the morning, with a story of a magic basket and the question: Will our latter be greater than our past?

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