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28 years ago today I became Senior Pastor...

28 years ago today I became Senior Pastor of the then Assembly of God church, York, UK. Soon to become the Rock church and Rock of York and now, Q church - Q York - Q Network. The God I know now may be the same God but my experience of him is very, very different. It has been, and still is an amazing journey. Huge thanks to the family at Q but more thanks to my sweetheart Chris and my family who have made the greater sacrifice. I am not the easiest person to live with nor anywhere near the best Father. At times, what I and the demands of ministry have placed on them has been unreasonable and we have been stretched to breaking point. Some of the damage God alone can fix. But we are here. We are good. We are covered by grace, held in loving arms and our life reflects our theology, LOVE WINS. At 63 I/we are still changing things, challenging things, experimenting, thinking, exploring, not afraid to take the leap of faith. As my misquote of the late Brennan Manning says; “You will not be measured by the good that you do, but by the GRAVE you accept”. This is a good day to die, again! But its also a good day to live!

Anth Chapman

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